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Szanowni Państwo,
Forum Stambułskie organizuje sympozjum, które rozpocznie się 20 listopada o godzinie 10:00. O godzinie 13:00 wystąpi Anna Wojakowska-Skiba, członkini Forum Polskiego.

Poniżej zostaje zamieszczony argument sympozjum, który napisał Oğuzhan Nacak:

Psychoanalysis arose because of hysterical women and their bodily symptoms. From the beginning, psychoanalysis deals with the body and makes a clear distinction between organism and body. It can be said that at the moment a baby is born, it does not yet have a body; rather it has an organism, a living-being limited by biological functions. These are the biological needs that dominate at the first level, and the baby does not have the capacity to make the caregivers hear other than crying, and this crying is always open to the interpretation of the Other.

The discontents experienced by the infant chaotically in this process begin to localize in certain parts of the body over time, in other words, the Other intervenes in this organism through language. The transformation of the organism into the body can only be possible with the intervention of the Other and language. Therefore, according to Lacan, the body is not a natural entity but an effect of language. The subject’s history/story is recorded in its body, and its bodily symptoms are a form of speech. The symptoms of the subject carry a message to the Other, but it is a message that is not easy to read, and if the subject in question encounters an analyst, there is a possibility that this message can be read.

Another important issue about the body is that the subject encounters a discourse that includes gender differences. The subject has to find a way between the signifiers coming from the Other and his own body. No naturalness can give the subject an idea of whether it is a woman or a man. The child learns the name of his biological sex and the social norms of that gender through the discourse it is in. Therefore, how the child who encounters language and discourse, which is the organized form of language, relates to his/her own anatomy will be determined by the mediation of the Other, but the subject will still make the final decision. This brings us to a very important crossroads on the path from organism to body: the issue of gender and sexual identity.

If the body is an effect of language, the fact that a subject speaks to the analyst will of course have some consequences. Here in this symposium, we will focus on the question of how the body and somatic symptoms arise, and we will talk about the effects of analysis on the body:

  • What does it mean to have a male body or a female body?
  • What can psychoanalysis say about bodily symptoms such as anorexia, bulimia, psychosomatic phenomena, hypochondria?
  • What are the effects of psychoanalysis on the body and somatic symptoms?
  • And more…

We invite you to our symposium to discuss these topics and more. Hope to see you soon!

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